Casted Solutions

At Arvika Gjuteri, we work according to a complete model for maximising customer value. We call this model Casted Solutions It contains all the work stages needed for us to guarantee the smooth, quality-assured, complete delivery of your products. Casted Solutions is all our collective knowledge, experience and craftsmanship. The model enables us to give you the best possible service in all projects.


We also deal with products that are no longer in series production but are now spare parts. Arvika Gjuteri’s Casted Solutions give you products of the highest quality with very high delivery reliability. We take care of everything, from start to finish.

Supply chain solutions

Collecting the finished cast products takes a lot of logistics and resources on the part of our customers. Instead we take care of the entire delivery, from start to finish. An effective way of saving time

Coherent castings

We work goal-consciously with the Recepturen Material Planning System, ensuring we can cast products of the most consistent quality possible. Arvika Gjuteri is prominent in this area. This is precision work, and a guarantee that our finished products live up to our promises.

Optimized material usage

We optimise every stage of the process and use each tool in the most efficient way. This is what quality is all about

Early design phrase

We ideally enter the process at an early stage and analyse the products’ castability. We use analyses, simulations and lab tests to ensure that the continued process maintains the highest possible quality.

One foundry solution

With all production in the same place and a well-established network of specialists, we can produce everything ourselves and deliver the products quickly and efficiently, complete with machining, surface finishing and assembly.

Swift prototyping

We produce prototypes of the products in our hand moulding foundry. This is a very important phase of the process as we can make an early assessment of the results, and thus streamline the future process.


Our customers’ tools are always unique, and they store them with us. We design, order and look after them.