Heavy trucks

Arvika Gjuteri has been delivering components to major manufacturers of heavy trucks for many years

Arvika Gjuteri has been delivering components to major manufacturers of heavy trucks for many years. We deliver products used in heavy trucks/trailers and high-spec construction vehicles. Over the years we have taken part in a number of development projects regarding new chassis designs, axle generations, transmissions and engines. Thanks to this, we have amassed in-depth knowledge and meet today’s stringent requirements in this industry. We are pleased to say that when our customers plan for a new generation of axles, they turn to us so that we can bring in expertise and know-how in casting at an early stage. We can offer components as raw workpieces or for sub or final assembly.

Today our components are used by many of the well-known producers of heavy vehicles, such as Scania and Volvo.

If you are interested in finding our more about what Arvika Gjuteri can offer your company, please read more under Casted Solutions and contact our Market department.

Business areas

Arvika Gjuteri is one of the leading producers of nodular and grey iron products in the Nordic region. Our production and products have been developed to meet present and future requirements on casting precision, efficiency and functionality. The foundation of our business is close collaboration in our business model, and an understanding of our customers’ need for value creation in all parts of a component’s life cycle. Arvika Gjuteri is ideal for customers with tough demands, who are looking for a supplier that can offer total solutions and cutting-edge expertise.

We currently operate primarily in two main business areas in which we deliver a diverse range of products to well-known global customers and their subcontractors. By offering high and low volume series, our customers can turn to a single partner for discussion and delivery whatever stage the product is in.