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Production began at Arvika Gjuteri in 1971, and now includes casting and processing of components in nodular and grey iron. Thanks to a large network of specialists we can also offer products with special requirements, for example, machining, induction hardening, wet painting, ED/powder coating and assembly.

Arvika Gjuteri has a stable ownership situation, with Swedish Powertrain AB

Arvika Gjuteri has a stable ownership situation, with Swedish Powertrain AB as its owner. Swedish Powertrain AB is equally owned by Sibbhultsverken Group AB and LEAX Group AB, two strong partners who, by their many years of industrial experience and competence, will strengthen our potential on the national and global market.

Today the company is licensed to produce approximately 35,000 tonnes of cast goods – historically the level has been around 25-30,000 tonnes a year. Thanks to an intensive investment programme, we now have a modern smelting plant equipped to cope with the today’s and tomorrow’s demands on quality and availability.

Complex castings and core-intensive, with high demands on casting precision.

Arvika Gjuteri comprises a machine moulding line and encompasses most of a component’s life cycle from prototype, serie to aftermarket. Series for machine moulded goods begin at approximately 1,000 units per year, depending on the design, and extend beyond 100,000. Our moulding box has the dimensions 1375x975x390/390mm (54.13″x38.38″x15.35″/15.35″) which means we can manufacture products weighing close to 400 kg.

The operation is certified to ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO/TS 16949 (quality). The majority of the products we make have complex castings and are core-intensive, with high demands on casting precision.

We process cast goods within the owner group of machine shops or a subcontractor. The focus is on using the most suitable process for the component in question, thereby assuring optimum efficiency and quality in the product.


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